Company Profile
   Concord Opto Electric Tech (Quanzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan-investment Park of national level in Quanzhou city,which takes an area of 200,000 square meters with total investment of 28 million dollars. COC is specialized in LED lamp,LED luminaire and LED assembly product as a large high-technology enterprise. Our company brings in a high-qualified professional team of top talents both in domestic and from abroad. We have applied and acquired about 100 invention patents and proprietary technologies about LED, with several proprietary technologies of independent research and development, filling the gap left in this sector in China. Our company conducts production, management and operation strictly abiding by standards of international quality management system among all staffs, at all levels and in all procedures. COC is dedicated to innovation of application technology of LED lighting, marketing modes, business modes as well as of service etc. As the provider of comprehensive application resolutions and outstanding business modes in terms of LED outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, Industrial lighting and the other products, COC is highly rated by local and foreign customers.

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